Message from the President

President  Takashi Muramatsu

 Miyagi University of Education is a teacher training college with a history of over half a century and has produced many excellent teachers throughout Japan. Teacher training requires not only the accumulation of knowledge, but also a holistic education that refines the core of the human being. Our faculty members are very close to students and create a relationship in which students feel comfortable participating in discussions related to a variety of topics. Discussions across disciplines can be started at any time between faculty members and students in a wide variety of specialized fields, resulting, over time, in a solid understanding of students’ and teachers’ chosen fields. Time outside of class is also effectively utilized. And in the tranquil environment of Aobayama, many curious students who challenge diverse issues will be born.

 The social conditions surrounding education are constantly changing, and the expectations of universities in charge of human resource development are growing. In response to such demands, our university has been reforming its educational system to meet the needs of modern times with sensitivity, always aiming for the highest quality of university education. In this reform, we have formulated and initiated the first major reforms in several decades, including reorganization and renewal of the undergraduate and graduate education systems and the accompanying faculty reorganization, entrance examination reform, and campus renewal. In undergraduate education, we place emphasis on nurturing teachers who acquire skills in educational practice based on a basic understanding of their specialty, as well as broadening their perspectives and acquiring a wide range of education and teaching skills through exposure to knowledge from other fields. In addition, the Graduate School of Teaching and Learning trains highly-skilled professionals who will lead the teaching field in schools and who can respond appropriately to school management and contemporary educational issues.
 COVID-19 has had a major impact on the lives of everyone on the planet and has changed the state of society. As a result, it has become necessary for our university to examine the state of teacher training in the new normal era from a medium- to long-term perspective. As we move toward a data-driven society, the introduction of mathematics, data science, and AI into schools is expected to advance in the future.
 Therefore, there is an urgent need to train teachers who have the ability to respond quickly to such an environment.
 In 2022, Miyagi University of Education will enter the fourth period of its mid-term objectives and plan.
 In this new era, we have established three types of educational and research organizations in order to foster human resources who are more deeply rooted in the local community and who can work and contribute in unison with the community. These are the Organization for Education and Training in Disaster Prevention, the Organization for the Development of Information Utilization Skills, and the Tohoku School Education Co-creation Organization. In the newly accepted normal situation in Tohoku, we will create and develop education appropriate for the Tohoku region.
 We will continue to create and develop education that is appropriate for the Tohoku region and to support schools in the new normal of Tohoku.
 Miyagi University of Education is a university where faculty members and students think together, learn together, worry together, advance together, and create together. Miyagi University of Education has many attractions that are unique to Miyagi University of Education and not found in other universities. We hope you will come and experience them for yourself.