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International Division

(international exchange activities / exchange of scholars / support services for international students / follow-up with international graduates / scholarships / places for residence / financial aid / social events / tutoring)
Tel: +81-742-20-3240
Fax: +81-742-20-3309

Educational Affairs Division

(information on academic affairs /enrollment and withdrawal /leaves of absence and re-enrollment /certificates of graduation, transcripts, and undergraduate and graduate programs)
Faculty of Letters Section : +81-742-20-3699
Faculty of Science Section : +81-742-20-3257
Faculty of Human Life and Environment Section: +81-742-20-3498
Graduate School Section : +81-742-20-3911
Fax: +81-742-20-3234

Student Support Division

(scholarship, dormitories, housing, extracurricular activities, on-campus employment, etc.)
Student Support Division丂E-mail:
Student life section丂Tel: +81-742-20-3244 / Fax:+81-742-20-3370
University Union Office (extracurricular activities)丂Tel:+81-742-20-3235/ Fax:+81-742-20-3242
Student support section (scholarship, etc.)丂Tel: +81-742-20-3258/ Fax:+81-742-20-3370
Job Hunting Support section丂Tel:+81-742-20-3270/ Fax:+81-742-20-3370/ E-mail:

Entrance Examination Division

(entrance examination)
Tel: +81-742-20-3018
Fax: +81-742-20-3354

General Affairs and Planning Division

(office of President丂/丂General Information)
Tel: +81-742-20-3204
Fax: +81-742-20-3205

Facility Planning Division

(NWU Nara House)
Tel: +81-742-20-3223
Fax: +81-742-20-3224